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Venous Ulcers, 2nd Edition

Cynthia K. Shortell, Jovan N. Markovic, 978-0-323-90610-4, 9780323985871, 0323906109, 978-0323906104, 9780323906104, B0BSNJM795

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Venous Ulcers, Second Edition, provides a comprehensive synthesis of evidence-based recommendations and the highest level of expertise from a leading group of doctors, which is a fundamental constituent for the appropriate management of nonhealing venous wounds in everyday practice. This book offers a fertile environment for a complete understanding of genetics and molecular and biochemical mechanisms that lead to the development and progression of venous ulcers, which is essential for elucidating the underlying pathophysiology and can be utilized for developing novel therapies and accessing previously inaccessible areas of research. Socioeconomic impact, impact on health-related quality of life, the clinical course of the disease, and diagnostic algorithms are elaborated in detail. All currently available treatment modalities are explained in a clinically applicable approach with particular emphasis on operative technique, technical feasibility, success rates (both clinical and technical), and side effects. Lastly, this book elaborates on special diagnostic considerations and management of the most complex patients, often requiring the highest level of expertise for successful treatment.