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Vertebrate Skeletal Histology and Paleohistology

Vivian de Buffrénil, Armand J. de Ricqlès, Louise Zylberberg, Kevin Padian, 0815392885, 9780815392880, 978-0815392880

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English | 2021 | PDF

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Vertebrate Skeletal Histology and Paleohistology summarizes decades of  research into the biology and biological meaning of hard tissues, in  both living and extinct vertebrates. In addition to outlining anatomical  diversity, it provides fundamental phylogenetic and evolutionary  contexts for interpretation. An international team of leading  authorities review the impact of ontogeny, mechanics, and environment in  relation to bone and dental tissues. Synthesizing current advances in  the biological problems of growth, metabolism, evolution, ecology, and  behavior, this comprehensive and authoritative volume is built upon a  foundation of concepts and technology generated over the past fifty  years