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Waste Valorisation: Waste Streams in a Circular Economy

Carol Sze Ki Lin, Guneet Kaur, Chong Li, Xiaofeng Yang, Christian V. Stevens | 1119502705, 978-1119502708, 9781119502708, B08K61Q9B3

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PDF 2021

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A guide to the wide-variety of waste valorisation techniques related to various biomass, waste materials and by products --- Waste Valorisation provides a comprehensive review of waste chemistry and its application to the generation of value-added products. The authors – noted experts on the topic – offer a clear understanding of waste diversity, drivers and policies governing its valorisation based on the location. The book provides information on the principles behind various valorisation schemes and offers a description of general treatment options with their evaluation guidelines in terms of cost, energy consumption and waste generation. --- Each of the book's chapters contain an introduction which summarises the current production and processing methods, yields, energy sources and other pertinent information for each specific type of waste. The authors focus on the most relevant novel technologies for value-added processing of waste streams or industrial by-products which can readily be integrated into current waste management systems. They also provide the pertinent technical, economic, social and environmental evaluations of bioconversions as future sustainable technologies in a biorefinery. This important book:---- •Presents the most current technologies which integrate waste and/or by-product valorisation •Includes discussions on end-product purity and life-cycle assessment challenges •Explores relevant novel technologies for value-added processing of waste streams or industrial by-products which can be integrated into current waste management systems •Offers a guide to waste reuse, a key sustainability goal for existing biorefineries wishing to reduce material and environmental costs --- Written for academic researchers and industrial scientists working in agricultural and food production, bioconversions and waste management professionals, Waste Valorisation is an authoritative guide to the chemistry and applications of waste materials and provides an overview of the most recent developments in the field.