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We Are Your Children Too: Black Students, White Supremacists, and the Battle for America's Schools in Prince Edward County, Virginia

P. O'Connell Pearson, 9781665901413, 978-1665901413

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English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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This revelatory and gripping nonfiction middle grade book explores a  deeply troubling chapter in American history that is still playing out  today: the strange case of Prince Edward County, Virginia, the only  place in the United States to ever formally deny its citizens a public  education, and the students who pushed back.
In 1954, after the  passing of Brown v. the Board of Education, the all-White school board  of one county in south central Virginia made the decision to close its  public schools rather than integrate. Those schools stayed closed for  five years.

While the affluent White population of Prince Edward  County built a private school—for White children only—Black children  and their families had to find other ways to learn. Some Black children  were home schooled by unemployed Black teachers. Some traveled thousands  of miles away to live with relatives, friends, or even strangers. Some  didn't go to school at all.

But many stood up and became young activists, fighting for one of the rights America claims belongs to all: the right to learn.