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Wetland Development in Paddy Fields and Disaster Management

Akira Matsui, 9811937346, 9789811937347, 978-9811937347

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book proposes the use of green infrastructure to balance  biodiversity conservation and disaster management. Paddy fields are one  example of such infrastructure and are the focus of this book. In Japan,  abandoned, once-cultivated land is increasing in the paddy fields due  to the aging of society and recent depopulation. The author proposes to  consolidate such lands and create wetlands because the paddy fields hold  water during heavy rains, which prevents floods and protects cities.  This is essential, considering that extreme weather conditions have  increased the risk of flood damage in Japan. Not only do such wetlands  hold water during the flood season, they also provide habitats for  aquatic life and places for children to learn about the natural  environment. In addition, fish farming in the wetlands will provide food  for many people. The increase in water disasters associated with global  warming is occurring not only in Japan but globally. The proposal  presented in this book will help government officials around the world,  especially those involved in urban and rural planning, to consider  disaster management―an idea that will be welcomed by both engineers and  biologists.