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World Textiles

Mary Schoeser, 0500204853, 9780500204856, 978-0500204856

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English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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An updated edition of this indispensable reference, surveying the history of textiles from 25,000 years ago to the present.

The  history of textiles, more than that of any other artifact, is a history  of human ingenuity. From the very earliest needles of 25,000 years ago  to the smart textiles of today, textiles have been fundamental to human  existence, and enjoyed, prized, and valued by every culture. Silks from  China, cottons from India, tapestries from Flanders, dyes from South  America―the appeal of different weaves, colors, and patterns was long a  motivation for trade, the exchange of ideas, and sometimes even war.

Mary  Schoeser’s groundbreaking book, now revised and updated to incorporate  new research with color illustrations, presents a chronological survey  of textiles around the world from prehistory to the present. It explores  how they are made, what they are made from, how they function in  society, and the ways in which they are valued and given meaning as well  as reflecting on the environmental challenges they present today. World  Textiles offers an invaluable introduction to this vast and fascinating  subject for makers, designers, textile and fashion professionals,  collectors, and students alike.
234 illustrations